Sunday, June 13, 2010


My birthday week is over, and I am almost 1 week into another  year of my life.
It was a good week, even if I was a little sick, but it started Monday with a photo shoot with Michael Neveux for Ironman Magazine, at his studio in Gardena. Might be a little something in the September issue, so make sure to get a copy, and check it out.

Here is me and Shelly Pincerton goofing around between shoots.

 Make up done!

Then Tuesday was my Birthday, and I made it a Mari day. Lena and I was all over SixFlags a few days ago, so it was a nice day to relax. Thanks Lena for the fun gift. It was perfect. Something both enjoyed together. We all need days like that..... and JW! Thanks again for yours.

Saturday I had an INTL LADIES DINNER INVITE to the Buhl Family, and went over to their house and enjoyed great food and drinks. Always nice to see friends, and also get the chance to make some new ones.

Thank you Willy and Michaela

Now........the next stop is NORWAY!!! 


Ingunn said...

Can't wait to see the pics in the magazine :)

Sessan said...

Wow....the norwegian flag looks good on you!

Det er Mari I rødt , hvitt og blått :D sjohei!