Saturday, November 26, 2011


Here is a video link from on of my last heavy workouts before the world championship, with Mike O'hearn spotting me!

me and Mike after lifting 4 wheels!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Here is my world record lift from this weekends World Championships. 

Monday, November 14, 2011


Me & Ed Coan

West Palm Beach Florida, November 12th 2011 I was lifting at the same venue where I won my 1st World Bench Press Championship back in November 2008.
This time I went by myself, but knowing I had friends there meeting me when I arrived. 
Rob Carbo drove down from New Jersey to come help me. Him and I have teamed up at meets before, and always with success.  
Rob Carbo & I

Ed and I

My friend Ed Coan was going to be there with his guys from Quads Gym, So I knew I was in the best of hands at this world championships.
Getting Ready
I opened up with 145kg, the same weight as the world record.
For my 2nd lift I did 152 1/2 kg, and broke the world record with 7 1/2 kg!

For my 3rd and final lift I went to 160 kg, but got red lighted from 2 of the referees, and ended up with 152.5kg as my final result, and the  2011 Womens World Bench Press Champion, and World Record Holder!

I really had a fun time in Florida. Couldn't ask for a better time.
Me and World Champion Alex Cordova

Me and one of my helpers, Tony

Oh and on my way home from Florida, I got to sit next to a very special man on the plane.

Off course I had to get up on his lap! 
Got to love Santa Clause

The End