Saturday, November 26, 2011


Here is a video link from on of my last heavy workouts before the world championship, with Mike O'hearn spotting me!

me and Mike after lifting 4 wheels!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Here is my world record lift from this weekends World Championships. 

Monday, November 14, 2011


Me & Ed Coan

West Palm Beach Florida, November 12th 2011 I was lifting at the same venue where I won my 1st World Bench Press Championship back in November 2008.
This time I went by myself, but knowing I had friends there meeting me when I arrived. 
Rob Carbo drove down from New Jersey to come help me. Him and I have teamed up at meets before, and always with success.  
Rob Carbo & I

Ed and I

My friend Ed Coan was going to be there with his guys from Quads Gym, So I knew I was in the best of hands at this world championships.
Getting Ready
I opened up with 145kg, the same weight as the world record.
For my 2nd lift I did 152 1/2 kg, and broke the world record with 7 1/2 kg!

For my 3rd and final lift I went to 160 kg, but got red lighted from 2 of the referees, and ended up with 152.5kg as my final result, and the  2011 Womens World Bench Press Champion, and World Record Holder!

I really had a fun time in Florida. Couldn't ask for a better time.
Me and World Champion Alex Cordova

Me and one of my helpers, Tony

Oh and on my way home from Florida, I got to sit next to a very special man on the plane.

Off course I had to get up on his lap! 
Got to love Santa Clause

The End

Sunday, September 25, 2011

STAVANGER OPEN - what a great show

STAVANGER OPEN, was a great competition and show, with many amazing athletes.
Team City Gym did a super job, and got to show Norway they are one of the best bodybuilding and fitness teams in this country! 

At the finals it was about 700 people in the audience, and they were all cheering on every single athlete, and made it a fun and inspiring experience for all of them. 

Here are some of the competitors from this weekend:
Andre Thesen
Jostein Oedegaar

Jan Sigve Eliasen
Nina Midling

Tor Arne Rosland

Morten Vedoy

Mark Nairn
Arild Haugen & Morten Vedoy

Morten Sande Johnsen
Andre Thesen

I worked at the NORDICPOWER booth together with Kris Bjorndal. We had a busy, but fun day selling supplements and energydrinks to all the people who was there.
Kris and I at the NordicPower booth

Here are the results from yesterdays competition.

Women's Bodyfitness overall1 PLASS: Mette F. Stensland - Team 24Fitness - Norway
2 PLASS: Arti Sharma Lopes - Team Gymgrossisten - Norway

Women's Bodyfitness +163 cm (over)
1 PLASS: Mette F. Stensland - Team 24Fitness - Norway
2 PLASS: Kristina Skjelberg - Team Gymgrossisten - Norway
3 PLASS: Linda Kristin Jensen - Harald's Gym
4 PLASS: Christine Søderholm Johannessen - Kaliber FKK - Norway

Women's Bodyfitness -163 cm (under)
1 PLASS: Arti Sharma Lopes - Team Gymgrossisten - Norway
2 PLASS: Maren Hult - Club Athletic - Norway
3 PLASS: Nora Sivertsen Mathisen - Kaliber FKK - Norway
4 PLASS: Vilde Dons - Kaliber FKK - Norway

Men's Athletic Fitness Open

1 PLASS: Thomas Hjelde Thoresen - Kaliber FKK - Norway
2 PLASS: Jens Erich Jenssen - Kaliber FKK - Norway
3 PLASS: Stig Skog Andersen - Team City Gym - Norway
4 PLASS: Kristian Lauknes - Kaliber FKK - Norway
5 PLASS: Rino Ravn Berg - Club Athletic - Norway
6 PLASS: Thomas Nilsson - Team City Gym - Norway

Women's Athletic Fitness Open

1 PLASS: Louise Schjerpen - Team HelseShop - Norway
2 PLASS: Kristine Bjørnå Vinje - Atletix Fitnessklubb - Norway
Men's Bodybuilding overall1 PLASS: Jostein Ødegården - Team 24Fitness - Norway

Men's Bodybuilding +90 kg (over)
1 PLASS: Jostein Ødegården - Team 24Fitness - Norway
2 PLASS: Soran Rashid - Team
3 PLASS: Mark Nairn - Team City Gym - Norway
4 PLASS: Ronny Rakland Isaksen - Team MH Kosthold - Norway
5 PLASS: Thomas Lorier Steen - Drammen FKK

Men's Bodybuilding -90 kg (under)
1 PLASS: Peter Lagermand - Team Loaded - Denmark
2 PLASS: Andre Thesen - Team City Gym - Norway
3 PLASS: Jan Sigve Eliassen - Team City Gym - Norway

Men's Bodybuilding -80 kg (under)
1 PLASS: Patrik Kasra - Sweden
2 PLASS: Farman-Ullah Mian - Team Atlas Gym - Denmark
3 PLASS: Morten Sande Johnsen - Team City Gym - Norway  
4 PLASS: Jone Nordahl - - Team City Gym - Norway
5 PLASS: Steffan Larsen - Team Gymgrossisten - Norway

Men's Bodybuilding Junior
1 PLASS: Morten Vedøy - Team City Gym - Norway
2 PLASS: Erik Thorkelsen - Team City Gym - Norway

Women's Bodybuilding Open
1 PLASS: Nina Midling - Team 24Fitness - Norway
2 PLASS: Ida Sefland-Dyhr - Denmark

Men's Classic Bodybuilding overall
1 PLASS: Kristoffer Nimb - Team Busted - Denmark

Men's Classic Bodybuilding +180 cm (over)1 PLASS: Kristoffer Nimb - Team Busted - Denmark
2 PLASS: Thor Arne Rosland - Team City Gym - Norway
3 PLASS: Christian Andre Sterk - Team Toppform - Norway
4 PLASS: Roy Simon Bang - Kaliber FKK - Norway
5 PLASS: Mikael E Johansson - Team Gymgrossisten

Men's Classic Bodybuilding -180 cm (under)
1 PLASS: Vegard Thevik - Kaliber FKK - Norway
2 PLASS: Thor Raymond Eng - Team Uno - Norway
3 PLASS: Øystein Oftedal - Team City Gym - Norway
4 PLASS: Joakim Rafoss - Atletix Fitnessklubb - Norway
5 PLASS: Carl Erik Gulliksen - Team Toppform - Norway

Women's Classic Bodybuilding Open

1 PLASS: Evy Rustad - Team 24fitness - Norway
2 PLASS: Aslaug Lia Pettersen - Atletix Fitnessklubb - Norway

Thursday, September 22, 2011


STAVANGER OPEN this Saturday @ Atlantic Hall, Olav V's gt. 3, N-4002 Stavanger, Norway.
Prejudging starts @ 09:00, and the finals starts @ 16:00.
I will be working the NORDICPOWER booth, so please stop by to say hi!
Come support Team City Gym, and all the ohter competitors !!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

FOR THE KIDS - they are the future

Check out my good friend Tommy Tadeo's new clothing line....

A Clothing Brand Promoting The Message Of Being A Positive Influence On Kids Around You. Whether Those Kids Be Family, Friends, Or Just Simply A Kid On The Street.

Tommy and For The Kids Will Be Donating A Percentage Of Proceeds To Rady's Childrens Hospital In San Diego.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The Camp Pendleton Barbenders 
 are here to show not only the marine corps, but the rest of the world that we are here and that marines can do more than just go to combat. 
Being a marine is who we are, but powerlifting is in our blood. 
Please help support our movement!

Video by Sgt David "The Beast" Douglas


This weekend the USPF Nationals in Chicago. 
Me, Ed and Hege
Got to meet up with my friends Ed and Hege this weekend, who I haven't seen since the Olympia last year. 
Ed was my coach in the meet, and I couldn't have asked for better help. 
We won!
Big thank you to Ed Coan for all the support this weekend!
Me and Ed after my lifting Sunday

Saturday evening Shonie Carter came over to my hotel for dinner, and we had lots of laughs.
How can you not laugh around Shonie? He is great!
And we finally got a picture together. (I have known Shonie since 2005, and we didn't have any pictures) Here it is:
Shonie and I

Congrats to Zach Miller who I know from Camp Pendleton when he was a Marine. 
He won his weight class and broke a new American jr bench press record! Go Zach, and Happy birthday this week!
Me and Zach before the meet

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

CALIFORNIA - with Morten and Marianne

I am back home in LA and California again! Great to see Marsha, Jennifer, Jeff, Lena, my US Marine team mates The Camp Pendleton Barbenders,  and the other "half" of the Bunz O Steel. I sure missed my Lefty!
Kim and I! The Bunz O Steel ;-)
My friend Morten, from City Gym in Sandnes Norway, and his girlfriend Marianne came along, and are spending 2 weeks here in SoCal, getting a taste of the California sun and the Life at The Mecca of Bodybuilding, Golds Gym Venice.
Kirk and Morten "Lillegutt:

Lots of experiences and motivation for a 19 year old getting ready for his 1st BB show in September. 

Jerome, Marianne, and "Lillegutt"


Sunday, June 5, 2011


Here is a picture from Americas Got Talent Season 6 - LA Auditions.
and yes....It's me lifting Nick Canon

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Gratulere med dagen til Norge og alle Nordmenn!!
Ha en riktig fin 17 Mai feiring!! 

17 mai hilsen fra

Monday, May 16, 2011

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT high expectations

 Here is a link to look at some of the acts coming to America's Got Talent this summer ;)
americas got talent - high-expectations
AGT Season 6 premieres May 31st at 8/7 c!! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Darkhorse’ Marines honor fallen brothers

Darkhorse’ Marines honor fallen brothers

Camp Pendleton ceremony pays tribute to 25 men killed in Sangin

Friday, April 29, 2011 at 7 p.m.
Marines from 3rd Battalion 5th Marines pay their final respects during a memorial service Friday honoring their comrades who were killed in action in Sangin, Afghanistan.
Photo by Nelvin C. Cepeda
Marines from 3rd Battalion 5th Marines pay their final respects during a memorial service Friday honoring their comrades who were killed in action in Sangin, Afghanistan.
Marines from 3rd Battalion 5th Marines pay their final respects during a memorial service Friday honoring their comrades who were killed in action in Sangin, Afghanistan.
Photo by Nelvin C. Cepeda
Twenty-five battle crosses were set up to represent Marines from 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment who were killed in action while deployed to Sangin, Afghanistan.
— One by one, the Marines approached the podium to speak about their brothers-in-arms killed in Sangin, Afghanistan. Each of the 25 men who died with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment during the tour that ended this month was honored Friday at Camp Pendleton by a Marine who knew him best.
Their voices quavered at times and their happiest memories were undercut by sadness, but the respect and affection they showed for the men who fought at their sides was unwavering.
Among the fallen was Lance Cpl. Joseph C. Lopez. He made everyone laugh with his modified moon walk and whistle; he considered his mom and dad to be the loves of his life, and he knew just what to say to reassure a fellow Marine who confessed before they left for Sangin: “hey brother, I’m scared.”
Sgt. Jason D. Peto always had a gorgeous girl on his arm, or a bruise from his latest dirt bike or snowboard outing. “I hate final roll call,” Peto’s friend and fellow Marine, Sgt. Joel Bailey, said.
During Friday’s ceremony, the names of the fallen were called out, but there was no answer. Instead the bell tolled for them and the guns fired in salute.
“Whisper present,” Bailey implored, because Peto’s presence was surely felt, along with all the “Darkhorse” Marines who did not make it back alive.
Several hundred family members joined the 3/5 Marines and their military commanders for the “remembrance ceremony” on a helicopter landing zone high in the clouds above Camp Pendleton. Many more wanted to attend, but the battalion leaders kept the gathering close-knit.
Seven months ago, about 1,000 Marines and sailors from the 3/5 and the 1st Combat Engineers deployed from their headquarters in the San Mateo area of Camp Pendleton for Afghanistan. They had trained together for almost a year before they left California, in snowy mountain passes and desert combat training ranges.
The unit turned over command in Sangin on April 11 to another Camp Pendleton unit from the “Fighting Fifth”: the 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment. The last of the 3/5 Marines returned home last weekend.
Twenty-five Marines from that original group returned “on their shields,” as the Marines say, not including Marines from other units who died alongside them in Sangin, which has been the deadliest area for international troops in Afghanistan.
Each volunteered to join the Marine Corps during a time of war, said Lt. Col. Jason Morris, the battalion commander. “While each and every loss in this battalion hurts, we must remember how our comrades lived and what they accomplished,” Morris said.
They sent shockwaves through the insurgency by killing, capturing or wounding well over 600 insurgents in Sangin, where they turned “hopelessness to hope” and removed the yoke of the Taliban from the shoulders of the Afghan people, Morris said: “They helped turn the tide” and won a decisive victory against the enemy.
It hurts knowing they’re gone, the Darkhorse battalion Marines said. But they are comforted by the memory that they died doing what they had trained and strived to do, many while running into gunfire like Sgt. Jason Amores.
Lance Cpl. Irvin M. Ceniceros, for instance, fought to get into the battalion so he could deploy to Afghanistan, then he “rained hell” on the enemy with his 240 machine gun during the October fire fight that claimed his life, Sgt. Ryan Schmidt recalled during the ceremony.
Ceniceros’ actions protected his entire squad that day. “He is our hero and he will always be remembered,” said Maria Ceniceros, his mother, speaking in Spanish.
“Someone asked me, was it worth it? It’s worth it to them, so who are we to question that?” said Lt. Gen. John Kelly, whose son 1st Lt. Robert Kelly, died in Sangin. “They join to do this. They are never so happy as when they are doing what they were doing in Sangin.”
Close to 200 Darkhorse Marines and sailors were wounded, many gravely so. The ones sent to the rear guard to heal made memorial battle crosses for the fallen in the age-old symbol of rifle, helmet and boots.
Many relatives and friends of the fallen wept and clung to the living for support as they caressed the metal tags clinking against rifles. Others knelt with head bowed and kissed the tips of their fingers, then touched the empty boots.
Many wounded Marines flew in from military hospitals around the country to attend the ceremony, rolling over in wheelchairs or walking on prosthetic legs to pay their respects to the dead.
Lance Cpl. Juan Dominguez, a 26-year-old Marine who lost an arm and both legs in Sangin, lingered in front of the battle cross of his friend, Lance Cpl. James Boelk.
“It was an honor to be here for our fallen brothers. This was the last bit of closure that a lot of us needed, being all here together,” Dominguez said.
“I am going to live my life to the fullest,” for those who didn’t make it, he said. “That is what I am going to do for all my brothers.”
Katherine Wyatt brought her infant son Michael, who was born the day after his father Cpl. Derek Wyatt died, to meet some of his daddy’s friends. “He was the most amazing man I’ll ever know, and he will be strongly missed,” she said, “even by those who never met him, including his son.”

Monday, April 11, 2011


Want to wish my friend Kim a very happy birthday on April 13th!
Miss you Lefty!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


March 16th some of the Camp Pendleton Barbenders met up for a bench press workout at the 14 area gym on base. Deso, Mr. 405, The BEAST, J-Mac and myself. 
It was fun working with Deso again, have him move some weights he didn't think he could. 
Deso's form is starting to look like Coach "Ant"...;-)
Then we have mr. 405! Wow! Watch out records. 
The always strong Beast playing around with 5 plates.... and the 2.5 lbs baby plate. Awesome!
Now we are just waiting on J-Mac to get the stitches out of his knee so he can lift again, and being a put cheese on his burger! ;-)


Sunday, February 6, 2011


 These proud and few are my teammates. 
Here's a video David "The Beast" Douglas put together of us.
(Great job Beast!)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Here is a video of me at CityGym in Sandes today doing benching 100 kg for 10 reps.