Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Olympia Benchpress Invitational 2010

The Olympia Benchpress Invitational is set for Sept 25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
Here's the invite list.(The rankings below are based on the Wilks formula from past meets from 2009 up to June 2010)

Benchpress Lightwt women-105,114,123
1 Mari Asp, accepted
2 April Shumaker, accepted
3 Maura Shuttleworth, accepted
4 Bonnie Aerts, accepted
5 Anne Larson, accepted
6 Alex Decker, accepted

Benchpress Middlewt women-132,148,165
1 Cara Westin, accepted
2 Monica DiGiuro, accepted
3 Mondae Nunes, accepted
4 Georgiann Puckett, accepted
5 Madison James, accepted
6 Karen Parnow, accepted
7 Liz Freel, accepted

Benchpress Heavywt women-181,198,198+
1 Tanya Reed, accepted
2 Nicolai Stern, accepted
3 Nicki I'Anson, accepted
4 Betty Heriford, accepted
5 Tracee Patterson, accepted

Benchpress Lightwt Men-148,165,181
1 Nick Marinis, accepted
2 Joe Somma, accepted
3 Jon Cunningham, accepted
4 Rudy Garcia, accepted
5 William Garcia, accepted
6 Ian Smalley, accepted
7 Barry Antoniow, accepted
8 Matthew Reep, alternate
9 John Petersen, alternate

Benchpress Middlewt Men-PL 198,220,242
1 James Burdette, accepted
2 Dennis Reneau, accepted
3 Josh Stottlemire, accepted
4 Bryon Brubaker, accepted
5 Juan Laija, accepted
6 Ben Brizendine, accepted
7 Brian Burritt, accepted
8 Clinton Muhammad, alternate
9 Lance Rector, alternate

Benchpress Heavywt Men-PL 275,308,308+
1 Mike Womack, accepted
2 Allen Baria, accepted
3 Rich Lopez, accepted
4 Rich McDowell, accepted
5 Matt Houser, accepted
6 Scott Hoekstra, accepted
7 Ricardo Costa, accepted
8 Collin Rhodes, accepted
9 James Potts, alternate

Sunday, August 1, 2010


This summer has so far been one to remember. 
Being with my family and friends, in Norway! Nothing is like home.
"Borte bra, men hjemme best".  
That's when I get to see Heidi,  my best friend since I was 17! It's nothing like spending some time with the person who probably knows you the best.

Today was the Dana Point Summer Concert in the park.

The 5th Marines and members of the Dana Point 5th Marine Regiment Support Group was there selling some great food and drinks to help the fighting 5th Marines. 
Me and Col. Willy Buhl