Sunday, September 12, 2010


It’s less than 2 weeks before the 2010 Olympia. Not much time at all, but still some left to reach that peak we all try to hit on the day of competition. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t.
That's why we are there!!

I get asked from a lot of people what numbers I am aiming for. Something I guess is a very normal question in a sport like powerlifting. This is one question I actually can’t answer you on. Why, because I don’t set my goals that way. I rather focus on “strong lifts”, then “what number to lift”. It’s a mental thing, and our mind is very strong! Why put a break on it?  

On the day of the competition I only have one number I focus on, and that is my first lift.
Then I take the rest from there.
No plans leaves it wide open for me to try whatever weight I want, based on how I feel right that second.

See you all at the Olympia!

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